CRIF is a growing global company. Join to be a member of the CRIF China Credit Information Service, Ltd. You can use your way of thinking to be innovate, show enthusiasm, improve skills and reach potential. Regardless of your position, you can drive the company's growth by developing high value-added products, solutions and services. Come to achieve amazing results with us!!

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Staff Development

Believe in staff, giving staff the opportunity to improve their careers and increase their potential.

Online Course

Professional Training

Team Consensus

Performance Management

Annual performance reviews, making improvements based on the overall feedback.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction surveys are conducted on a regular basis to measure staff’s satisfaction and measure the health of the organization. The goal is to let staff express their opinions and understand the relationship between staff's ideas/needs and the organization.

Welcome to join our team

Business philosophy

CRIF China Credit Information Service, Ltd. is committed to contributing to Taiwan's SME customers’ connection with the world, providing solutions to grow with our customers, making innovation with existing business models, transforming into an intelligent and technology company, and creating a new generation of a century-old enterprise. We are committed to talent cultivation, practicing CRIF corporate mission goals and values, fulfill corporate social responsibility, protect the planet, respect life, emphasize ethics, truth, goodness and beauty to lead everyone to the future with gratitude.