About us

CRIF in Taiwan

CRIF China Credit Information Service, Ltd. is committed to contributing to Taiwan's SME customers’ connection with the world, providing solutions to grow with our customers, making innovation with existing business models, transforming into an intelligent and technology company, and creating a new generation of a century-old enterprise. We are committed to talent cultivation, practicing CRIF corporate mission goals and values, fulfill corporate social responsibility, protect the planet, respect life, emphasize ethics, truth, goodness and beauty to lead everyone to the future with gratitude.


Our mission and values

Every day, the people at CRIF serve their clients with knowledge, commitment and passion to help them to grow:together to the next level


CRIF and the environment

CRIF is very environmentally conscious and has taken a series of measures to reduce energy waste. Every summer, the company reduces the use of interior lighting. All employees are urged to save energy often through internal activities. The company also specializes in using office supplies and gifts based on environmentally friendly materials.