The best platform to gain the global corporate information

  SkyMinder is a platform allowing the global market to access commercial risk data and take better business decisions on companies worldwide. The platform can be applied from preliminary supplier data review, global strategic layout to transaction risk assessment. All countries around the world are available on SkyMinder. This means that all entities registered as companies are evaluated in more than 230 countries and territories via SkyMinder and all business information are ready to be analyzed by customers all over the world.   
  CRIF has professional and the best local business data provider in the world. SkyMinder is able to provide the best credit information report, with the most objective risk assessment information and the most reliable credit information to support our customers to make more effective decisions.

Credit Management Assessment

1. To gain a better insight into your business partners thanks to the credit rating and credit opinion contained in SkyMinder reports.
2. To prevent credit risk by carefully selecting your customers: checking if a prospect can become a good and reliable customer.
3. To monitor a company’s performance: preventing late or missed payments by checking their company situation and their financial information.

Supplier Management

SkyMinder allows you to understand the changes in your suppliers, revise your procurement policies, and screen out unqualified suppliers.
Effectively use analytical information to optimize the procurement process and avoid other problems such as short supply.

Competition Analysis

Gain information related to competitors’ companies, including its financial data and risk level, in order to define appropriate business actions.
Learn the financial data and risk levels of companies in the same industry via SkyMinder and conduct strategic analysis.

Compliance/KYC Management

Know your customer via SkyMinder to manage risk and compliance effectively. Effectively manage risks and check compliance to make safe decisions and prevent fraud.Check if a company, its capital structure and ability to maintain sustainable operation are trustworthy and has the capabilities to become a business partner.

Business Development Management

Finding new potential customers with low risk and finding the right partner from a mass of information is very challenging.Monitor potential partners, understand market changes, and avoid problems in any future partnership.