Why Digital Lending Solution?

  • Respond to the advent of the digital age as well as provide a customer-focused digital customer experience:With the advent of the digital age, consumers' behaviors, needs and expectations are different, and we need to focus on customers and provide appropriate services and technology to meet customer expectations.
  • Achieve an omnichannel strategy:A full-channel strategy that allows consumers to apply and obtain loans directly from a mobile app or online, in just a few minutes.
  • Consolidate and increase the market share:Facing market changes and the entry of new competitors, banks need to prepare early to consolidate and increase market share.
 In the process of digital online lending, customers have the following seven topics:

  Digital Lending Solution is based on the CRIF Loan Origination Management System (LOM), adding KYC (Know Your Customer), OCR (Optical Character Recognition), OTP technology to meet customer needs faster and shorten the time for decision-making to execution. This is an end-to-end automated decision-making system. From the customer's application to lending, the whole process is streamlined and smooth. Users can apply for loans directly on the mobile phone and the Internet for a few minutes and don't have to go to the bank to submit the documents and fill out the form without time and space restrictions, applying online 24/7. Users can get services in the fastest and most convenient way, saving time, efforts and costs!
  The system is in the Loan Origination Management System (LOM) and can be easily modified according to different company policies and local policies.