In-depth study of the largest data on business competitiveness of industries and enterprises in Taiwan and Mainland China have been gathered, set up, and updated by CRIF China Credit Information Service, Ltd. with tremendous workforce and resources. More than a million of corporate data, financial statements, and important financial indicators for Taiwanese companies in Taiwan, Mainland China and Southeast Asia are provided each year. It is the only complete research material that combines the companies of 550 major groups in Taiwan. The database is updated frequently, and the credibility is high. It is the basic basis for the financial industry and the enterprises to make initial assessment on the credits of business partners. It is also the best tool for the development of new customers for the enterprise.
  • Enterprise Database
    With a history of nearly 50 years, precisely gather information based on credit information, the China Credit Information Service, Ltd. professional ranking analysis mechanism allows you to clarify the difference in rankings, explore important cases, and immediately grasp the market trend. It is the most complete and fair enterprise ranking database in the market.
  • Group Database
    The only most complete group enterprise research in Taiwan, analyzing the family control of the group with intersect holdings analysis of listed companies at stock exchange market and over-the-counter market of the group, which will help you to understand the global layout of the enterprises of Taiwanese groups.
  • Industrial Analysis Database
    The most complete industry data analysis in Taiwan for comparison of revenue of enterprises in the same industry as a reference for the competition in the same industry, while quickly grasp the composition and ranking of business groups in various industries .
  • Mainland China/ASEAN Taiwanese Company Database
    Compiling financial data of Taiwanese companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China, Southeast Asia and other regions for you to quickly and effectively grasp the rankings and competitiveness of Mainland China and ASEAN Taiwanese companies, including a dozen of financial information such as basic information, net revenue, net profit before tax, total assets, shareholders equity, number of employees, capital amount, earnings before tax, and so on.
  • Potential Customer Development Database
    Compiling more than one million pieces of corporate information in Taiwan and updating the database content on a daily basis with the latest corporate information anytime and anywhere to meet the needs of customers in different industries. It can be screened according to industry, scale, and revenue, which can effectively reduce the time and staff cost of the sales specialists to enhance performance. Complete credit information allows you to check and grasp information.