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In business for over 50 years since the inception in 1961, CCIS has been widely recognized as Taiwan’s largest and leading credit information agency operating an established island-wide network offering a full spectrum of business information and consulting services. Pioneering active exploration of the market in Mainland China, a Shanghai-based subsidiary was founded in 2001 with vigorous business expansion leading to the recent restructure of the subsidiary in 2008 into China Credit Information Service (PRC) Ltd., a joint venture of CCIS and China Chengxin Credit Management Co., Ltd. the largest credit rating service company in China. Regional branches in Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are set up as the backbone of a growing nation-wide service network in China. With a comprehensive business information service system encompassing both Taiwan and China and strategic alliances with foreign partners covering a business territory of more than 150 countries worldwide, CCIS has evolved into the largest business think tank bridging the world and the greater China market.

CCIS has spared no effort in constantly upgrading the breadth and depth of its credit information and business consulting services, assisting our clients to implement effective credit management systems and to assess and reduce business risks. The Largest Corporations in Taiwan - TOP5000 and Business Groups in Taiwan published by CCIS annually remain the most valuable credit information reference books for corporations doing business in and with Taiwan.

Our major services include commercial credit reporting, property and intangible asset appraisal, market research, professional publishing, credit management, corporate real estate services, financial consulting, and business training services. More than 120 experienced CCIS professionals strive to provide our clients with fast and accurate business information services through advanced IT platforms and rigorous organizational management. Developing and hosting various professional training courses and business seminars and symposiums, CCIS is proud of its role in assisting the government and corporations to obtain the latest business information and knowledge on a real-time basis. With future-oriented planning for resource integration, ongoing pursuit for holistic intelligence and continuing commitment to meet clients’ requirements, CCIS endeavors to provide the business, financial and academic communities in the greater China region with the most comprehensive and fully integrated information service platform as the basis for long-term cooperation relationships.

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